Basketboy Natural Woven Tear Drop Basket (Large)


Basketboy is an award winning Kangaroo Island based weaver working with natural fibres. 

He weaves using only local sustainable or invasive species that grow wildly that grows wildly throughout pristine Kangaroo Island, in South Australia. Harvested respectfully with permission from the plant, as its name suggests, care and experience is necessary when weaving as it can cut easily. 

The hanging baskets are Basketboy's own design, and use an open weaving style incorporating a 3 ply rope making technique. These vary slightly with each basket in size and shape.

If you look at the picture of the baskets and rattles on the forest floor, we currently have the hanging basket on the right and the one in the middle.

Each basket takes around 3 hours to weave and can be fully rinsed if necessary.

They make beautiful wall hangings, but are also great in the bedroom for storing treasures, or in the kitchen for storing garlic and onions, or anything else you want to keep handy.

Made in Australia.

Part of the ekologi artist collection  We are proud to promote and collaborate with Artists and Designers who incorporate sustainable process in their practice.