Ekologi Produce Bag STARTER PACK (set of 3)


"No bag thanks. I've got my own".

The Produce Bag STARTER PACK makes plastic free shopping a breeze. Use to purchase fresh fruit and veggies, dry bulk goods and bread. 

1 x Small mesh or net bag (for small produce)

1 x Medium light-weight closed weave bag (for produce, dry goods, and chocolate almond croissants)

1 x Large light-weight closed weave bag (for large produce and seedy sourdough)

 Made in India where organic cotton is grown.

 Care: cold wash and line dry. 

 End of life: Repairable > biodegradable and home compostable. 

Made from a natural fibre, our bags are generously sized to allow for shrinkage. As they are handmade, slight variations may occur.


Produce bags are also available as a 6 pack and individually