DownBeats High-Fidelity Sound Filters (plastic free)


DownBeats High-Fidelity Sound Filters allow you to have an amazing concert or festival experience while protecting your ears from music-related hearing damage such as tinnitus. And the great thing is they're plastic-free! 

Unlike foam earplugs, DownBeats silicon filters don't block sound. Instead they filter sound by reducing it to an overall 18 decibels, and channelling it into your ears. This allows you to hear high quality sounds while protecting your ears from feedback and sonic damage.

Each pair of filters come in an aluminum case with a key chain hook so you can attach it to your keys, bag or belt loop for ease of access. This means that if you're the forgetful type, you can keep them with you at all times. It also makes them harder to lose!

Product information sheet included.

Packaging: DownBeats have been shipped to us free of plastic packaging and this is how they will be sent to you.  

End of life: Aluminium case can be recycled.

Note: We are still exploring the end of life options for silicon in Australia. However, even if these cannot yet be easily recycled, we still believe these reuseable filters are a better, safer and more sustainable option for concert and festival goers than disposable ear plugs.

Also available in the Ekologi Festival Eko-Kit. 

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