Welcome to the ekologi store .

The ekologi store was dreamt up by an actor, an artist, and an anthropologist who met volunteering for a local high school Sustainability Festival and bonded over a shared passion to make it as environmentally friendly as possible.

After 5 years of festivals, culminating in the 2018 Zero Waste festival where we convinced 900 students to bring their own reusable cups and drink bottles, we were hooked. Not only had we all changed many of our own habits in order to produce less waste, others around us were doing the same thing.

An ecological mindset is contagious!

There are so many people and organisations out there who inspire us to be more mindful with our choices every day, and there are more and more fabulous options available.

In creating the ekologi store, our aim was to curate a simple range of stylish product swaps and fun eko-kits to support you on your own journey to becoming a more environmentally conscience consumer. These are all products we use and love.

We aim to provide products that are:

  • plastic free or designed to reduce plastic useage
  • made of natural and organic materials
  • palm oil free
  • fair traded
  • reusable, repairable, recyclable and biodegradable
  • package free or have minimal packaging that can be easily recycled or reused
  • socially beneficial, in particular to women in developing nations
  • support other Australian makers, designers and small businesses
  • shipped plastic free (including tape), using and recycling biodegradable paper and cardboard packaging.
We believe that using what you already have at home or buying products second hand is best for the environment. This is why we have included our Urban Finds collection featuring pre-loved items to inspire you. When you find you need additional items, we appreciate you considering the ekologi store 

Katherine, Natanya & Anna

Australia's ecology store founders - Anna Nettheim, Katherine Hynes and Natanya Shearer-Stanton