African Woven Pet Bed


These beautiful dog and pet bed baskets will make your pet feel like royalty.

Please note, this product is classified as an 'oversized' item and thus standard shipping prices are NOT applicable and free shipping NOT available for orders over $80 which include oversized items. Please email us for a shipping quote BEFORE ordering, or alternatively, we will contact you with the shipping price post order. Also available for local pick up in Erskineville where we have many other baskets in store.

X Large pet basket:   L 68.5cm, W 43cm, H28cm

Large pet basket:      L 68.5cm, W 43cm, H28cm

Medium pet basket:  L 66cm, W 39cm, H27cm

 Handmade in Ghana by individual artisans.

 Fair trade

 All natural materials and dyes

 Average measurements: H: (not including handles) 28cm, W: 43cm at top. Handles are designed for carrying by hand or over arm, not over shoulder. For specific measurements, please contact us.

 Funds help support children’s education in Ghana

End of life: 100% biodegradable and home compostable.

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