Baby Quoddle Bottles


Bottle feeding the way you want it to be.  All natural bottles, free from plastic. Made from borosilicate glass and pure hevea rubber. Gift ready in a recycled craft box.

 Designed in Cairns, Australia

 Free from bisphenol-A

 Free from PVC, lead & phthalates

Medium Flow Twin Pack 300ml/10oz

Slow Flow Newborn Twin Pack 300ml/10oz

Newborn Twin Pack 150ml/5oz

Care: The rubber teats are all natural and cannot be exposed to heat. Wash teats in soapy water and place in Milton solution for the required time. Remove from solution and store in a container in a cool spot. Leaving too long in the solution can cause damage to the rubber. 

Note: Glass bottles are made for nursing and should not be given to babies or children unsupervised.