Crocheted Bilby Eco Toy - Tanami


The Bilbies are here! The Bilby is a remarkable marsupial now identified as a vulnerable species which has been pushed to edge of extinction. Swapping  bunnies for bilbies at Easter helps raise awareness of these very special Australian animals which are so important to their ecosystems. This Bilby Eco Toy will be a much loved toy for years to come, named after the Tanami Desert where they are still found.

$5 from every purchase goes to World Wildlife Conservancy Bilby conservation efforts.

 Lovingly hand crocheted

 Made in Australia

 100% cotton

 100% corn fibre filling

 Naturally hypoallergenic & Anti-bacterial

 29 cm long (nose to tail)

 Plastic free

 For play under adult supervision 

Note: If out of stock and you would like to pre-order one please email us.

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