Eco Glitter (plastic free)


Glitter Don’t Litter! 

We reckon Space Vivien Enviro-Friendly Glitter is the best.  Unlike regular glitter it is not made from PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) which is basically cut up little pieces of plastic which never break down and often end up in the ocean where they are consumed by our precious sea life. The main ingredient in SV Glitter is Eucalyptus mulch derived from sustainably sourced raw materials – better for the planet and your skin!

 Each 100% recyclable tin contains 9 grams of glitter.                                         

 This is cosmetic grade glitter which is much softer than PET glitter.                 

 Apply to skin with lip balm, paw-paw ointment or natural zinc.                           

 Can also be used for craft activities in place of PET glitter.

 SV Eco Glitter has loads of impressive credentials if you want to know more:

The Eucalyptus mulch is produced and harvested to FSC standards. The factory SV work with is ISO 14001 accredited. The glitter film biodegrades in sea water in line with the standard ASTM D7081-05. It's also certified to the major EU and US standards for compostable packaging (EN13432 and ASTM D6400).  It meets the requirements to carry the seedling logo (Din Certco) and is also certified by AIB Vinçotte for home compostability to the OK Compost Home standard.

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