Ceramic Bowls


Our stunning Ceramic Bowls are hand thrown in Sydney by Tim Goodman for The Ekologi Store.

These gorgeous clays bowls are glazed inside and carefully burnished outside to produce a unique combination of colour and texture.

 We're thrilled to present them as part of The Ekologi Store Artist Collection.

 Glaze patterns are unique and may differ slightly to image

  • Breakfast bowls: 15cm diameter, 8 cm depth
  • Large flat bottom bowl black: 22.5cm diameter, 5.5 cm depth
  • Large flat bottom bowl desert clay: 23cm diameter, 7cm depth
  • Medium flat bottom bowl: 18cm diameter, 18cm diameter, 6cm depth
  • Small flat bottom bowl desert clay: 14cm diameter, 5cm depth

Care: These ceramics are dishwasher safe but we prefer to handwash them.

* If buying as a gift, please contact us if you would like a simple complimentary gift wrap with your message.