Safety Razor Blade Replacements (pack of 5)


Chrome coated stainless steel makes these blades long lasting and give a smooth shave. The perfect partner for the Unisex Long Handle Parker 29L Safety Razor.

These blades fit ALL traditional double edge razors. Made in Egypt.

Note: Take care using and replacing the blades. Keep out of reach of children. Do not touch or wipe dry. 


The steel blades are recyclable but care should be taken when doing so. The best solution is by making a blade bank out of a used steel can (tester: magnets stick to steel cans, but not to aluminium). Make a hole just large enough to tip out the contents of the can, then enlarge it so it is big enough to pop the used blades in. This eliminates the risk of children being exposed to the blades, and stops the blades falling out during recycling and injuring someone. Once full, you will need to check where you can take the can for recycling in your local area. Alternatively, you can take it to your local sharps disposal centre. In Australia, you can check where this is via 

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