truthpaste - Natural Mineral Toothpaste


After experiencing the mouth freshening goodness of Truthpaste Peppermint & Wintergreen, you'll never go back to supermarket toothpaste again. It just won't feel as clean. 

 Natural remineralizing ayurvedic toothpaste handmade with certified organic Aloe Vera, Neem and essential oils.


  Free from fluoride, SLS /SLES, triclosan, glycerin & palm oil. No foaming agents, bleaching agents, colourants, or artificial ingredients.

Having searched for a natural plastic-free toothpaste, we found one that met all our requirements with a 40g travel size jar small enough for our eko-kits and a larger 120g jar for use at home. You only need the smallest amount to make your teeth and mouth feel fresh and clean.

Packaging: Reusable and recyclable.

End of life: Biodegradable.

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