Natural Zinc by Sun & Earth in a tin (SPF 30+)


SPF 30+ Natural Zinc made in Australia by Sun & Earth, Byron Bay.

We looked everywhere for a great natural 'reef safe' sunscreen, and are thrilled to have found this one. Neither heavy or oily, they work fabulously and smell naturally amazing!

We each have our favourite.

People with yellow skin tones usually go for the Sunny/Tan, whereas we have found the Cocoa is great for those with pink skin tones. Whilst it may look dark in the container, it really just gives a sun kissed glow while protecting your skin!

Also available as part of our Festival eko-kit  Overnighter eko-kit & Traveller eko-kit 

Packaging: Reusable metal tin. Wash and reuse for products, pins, trinkets...

End of life: Metal tin is reusable and 100% recyclable. 

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